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Speed test observations

Question asked by denisn on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by denisn

So I recently upgraded to Internet 300. The tech who installed my XB6 said everything looked good, so I'm assuming he did a speed test with his iPad, and I took his word for it and he left.


Then I did a speed test and I was getting speeds like 60Mbps one time and then 160 the next, but never 300.  So I decided to download something big because I felt, and still feel that a lot of speed tests don't send or receive enough to even hit near that peak.  I opened the Performance Monitor in windows 10, switched it to my WiFi and I downloaded a 46 GB game on Steam, Opened 4K YouTube Videos on both Firefox and Opera browsers and ran them simultaneously, and I started up a show on Netflix.   My goal was to completely saturate my connection and see what I was actually going to peak at.


The resource monitor showed that I was pulling in 313Mbps at the peak of the whole experiment.


I suspected that most of what I was testing beforehand simply wasn't large or intensive enough to hit the ceiling, and while there could still be an issue on my computer I need to investigate; while speed test websites, even shaw's own were showing far below what I should have been getting, the in-windows monitor was showing that at times I was actually getting slightly above that.


With that in mind, if you have Internet 150 or 300, and support tells you that everything seems 'fine' on their end, it can be frustrating to hear when you aren't seeing the 'up to' results that were advertised but at least in some cases you have to be doing something fairly big to hit those peaks. And it's important to remember that they can see 'under the hood' so to speak. Like being able to look at see that someone has a Veyron engine versus an Escort engine. 


Speed test still show me that I'm getting low speeds like 80Mbps, never higher than 175 (on the tests) but I can watch my resource monitor go from 0 to 313Mbps  It makes me wonder how useful online speedtests are anymore. Most of them are flooded with ads that skew the results, and they don't send enough to really stress alot of the connections we can get these days.#