crave tv problems

Discussion created by mikejbc on Jul 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by shaw-don

i am starting to have problems with crave tv, shows will not play and other times they freeze every 10-15 seconds . the picture also goes from hd to sd then back to hd. this is very frustrating because being the summer there is nothing on tv except garbage.what is the point of paying every month if you cannot watch what you want when you want? calling shaw is a joke, every time i call i get that pleasant woman's voice telling me " we are experiencing higher  than normal call volumes and your wait time is 30-60 minutes". what a joke!!! no matter what time i call i get that b.s. recording. the recording should say we do not want to deal with you so go away.if i am lucky enough to talk to someone in less than 30 minutes they are usually rude and or incompetent. i went through a year of trying to get pixelation on my t.v. fixed and got nowhere. shaw's attitude is if you don't like it go somewhere else. the whole reason of having bluesky tv is so i can watch netflix and crave tv on the tv. shaw is joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!