why is shaw service so pathetic??????????

Discussion created by mikejbc on Jul 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by adikajt

i have had nothing but problems for a year with shaw, i have had pixelation on my tv for a year. sometimes it so bad the whole picture breaks up or goes black.  i had almost 20 service calls, including 2 foreman and their supervisor. it was refered to shaw engineers and they could not fix the problem. i just get we don't know from everyone. now i am having problems with crave tv, some shows will not play and others freeze every 10-15 seconds and go from hd to sd.

anytime i try to contact shaw is a joke, the wait times on the phone are over an hour every time i call. the live chat is no better. the reason for the long waits? increased call volume as they state when you call in? no, the truth is shaw laid off a lot of employees in order for their millionaire shareholders to make even more money off the suckers a.k.a  the customers. the live chat is no better, i have been waiting 30 minutes for an agent and am still waiting as i type this. shaw does not care about customer service!!  when i am lucky enough to talk to someone they always get me to unplug the power cord and coax and plug it back in which does nothing. i am sure they will try to blame crave tv, as they always pass the buck. they never accept responsibility for their pathetic service. it's always someone elses fault.