Switched from Gateway, disappointed.

Discussion created by duckodeath on Jul 24, 2018
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I have recently switched from the Gateway system to BlueSky and I must say I am rather disappointed.

Don't get me wrong, gateway had it's issues, but after a couple days now I have realized gateway changed the way I watched TV, and now I am taking a step (or 3) backwards.


1) On the gateway, I use to watch 2 channels at once.

I would watch until a commercial, pause, flip to another channel, watch until a commercial, pause, flip back, jump thru the buffered commercials, watch until a commercial....rinse repeat. It was great, I could watch 2/3 channels 'commercial free' without an issue. This doesn't work anymore! You only get one buffer and it is lost the moment you switch channels!  Even if I hit record on both shows, it still doesn't work.

2) When watching a show, if I decide I want to record it, I only get the content from when I hit record, not from when I started watching. Sometimes 10 mins into a show I realize my wife/kids would like this as well.

3) Can't be watching live in one room, pause, and continue watching in another room. Each portal has it's own buffer.

4) No remote access/app to manage recordings remotely. Sometimes you forget the hockey starts at 5 and it was great to be able to schedule it from work, or on the bus.

5) No button to get straight to my recordings, have to navigate the menu or use the voice command. How about the unused D button!?

6) The skip forward/back (pg up/down) defaults to 5 mins which is useless. It can be change to 30 secs (with some voodoo magic), but still not as good as the gateway 30s forward, 10s back.  As well the gateway had the bigger jump buttons which went 15mins.

7) Changing channels seems slower. It changes over then has the 'loading' dots for a couple seconds.

8) The 'last' button is annoying, now it's 2 clicks to jump back to the previous show (although given #1 I really don't care as I won't be watching 2 shows simultaneously anyway)


Now, the good parts:

1) The voice stuff works very well.


I do feel like I got tricked a bit, I know I asked the rep about #3 for sure, and I was assured it was just as good, even better. Anyway, I thought I would provide a list, so anyone else thinking of switching could get some real information before they made their decision.



Feel free to add to my list.