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internet 150 very slow lately

Question asked by akuang on Jul 19, 2018
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I have internet 150 for a while now, but lately I am getting really bad connection. The internet is slow, watching videos on netflix or youtube buffers a lot. Watching live stream buffers a lot too. And most importantly browsing overseas websites, i sometimes get these random white still loading state in my chrome because it is still trying to load the website, and will take a few min to actually load even if i press refresh. Then it goes back to normal for a while until it suddenly take a long time to load a text base webpage again. Makes me wonder if i had internet outage for a few min or something.


I have a Hitron cgnm-2250 modem from you guys. This is on wired internet not wifi, and I've tried power cycle the modem too. I am just wondering if there are actually problem in my neighbouring node or somethin?


Here are some screen shot all taken around the same time from different speed test website.