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Replaced bridged router - recieving new IP address

Question asked by fpo64 on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by dwilson92

I've been using my shaw modem in bridged mode for years and I recent updated my person router from Linksys to Ubiquiti.


My previous shaw IP was 70.67.##.### but my new router is getting the IP address 174.##.### now from shaw (my ISP). I have released and renewed it but it keeps coming back at a 174.#. My internet is working but my port forwarding isn't working.

I can't ping my old IP address or my domain which is forwarded to the old IP (working before I replaced modem yesterday). When I put my old router back in place everything works normally and I have rebooted the entire system each time.


When changing my personal router with the shaw modem in bridge mode is there anything I need shaw (my ISP) to do?