No video when coming out of sleep mode

Discussion created by ziggurcat on Aug 19, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2018 by ziggurcat

Anyone run into an issue where there's not video signal coming from the Bluesky box when you take it out of "sleep mode"? Sometimes there's audio, but often it's just a black screen.  I believe a signal is being received even if it's just a black screen with no audio because my TV doesn't say "no input" or anything.


I've also noticed that when this happens, it says "Resolution Err" on my AVR.  Could it simply be a setting on the Bluesky box that's off? I do have a 4K TV, and the Bluesky 4K box is connected to one of the HDCP 2.2 slots on my AVR (I realize that the only 4K part of the 4K box is its Netflix, so it shouldn't really have any bearing on the normal TV signal).  Could it just be that when you wake up the Bluesky box, there's something preventing it from sending the video signal properly? Yesterday, I got it working again by switching the inputs back and forth, but today I had to unplug the Bluesky box completely/plug it back in to get it working again. 


Thanks in advance!