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Free long distance calling since I moved.

Question asked by mycom63 on Jul 29, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by mycom63

My father in law moved from Sooke to Courtenay BC and had all his shaw services ported up island. The new service installation went smoothly. It was after they left that we realized dialling a local Courtenay BC number required a 1 prefix to make an outgoing call to any areas on the Courtenay exchange. 


After numerous calls and various suggestions as to why this was so, my father in law a retired Bell service manager explained to the various reps tier 1 and upwards through the various networking departments that the issue stems from the fact that Shaw never changed the status on his location from Sooke exchange to Courtenay exchange


As Such he has free local calling in the southern end of Vancouver Island for free, where as the rest of us would pay long distance fees for this scenario. 


Well this scenerio has now been going on for three months and still Shaw hasn't been able to resolve this issue. Shaw does realize where the problem exists and agrees that the the back end of the phone transfer wasn't completed. Hence free long distance calling at the annoyance of dialling a (1) prefix to all local calls made on a outgoing line. Any incoming calls are dialled locally to his phone number.


Many calls have been placed and this service ticket only continues to grow. I am posting this concern here that a knowledgable representative from Shaw can fix this issue, or continue to elevate this ticket upwards as all previous attempts to date have not resolved this issue.



I await your next  response.

J Goodwin.