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Nike Website blocked???

Question asked by milkshaker on Jul 30, 2018
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I have issue reaching Nike website.  Is it blocked by Shaw???


Nike Canada website has been blocked last 2 weeks. I can go to a few pages then when I tried to go to Mens or Boys catagory, I get an error message. I have re-set my Hitron CGNM-2250 Advanced WiFi Modem and also re-start it. I also tried with my iPhone, iPad but same result... (blocked Nike website)


However, when I tried with FIDO network on my iPhone it works fine. so I contacted Shaw and Sam (REP#9923) had me to change google DNS but no luck.   and many tests.   After spending about an hour, he couldn't resolve the issue and he escalated this issue.


2 days later, he emailed me back and explained me that it's not Shaw but Nike. .. Really? Then why I can access to Nike website through FIDO network??? (I told him about this at first contact)


Do I need to ask for a new Modem???

I need someone to help me to fix this issue.


Please help!