What is with the wait times?

Discussion created by ttodd0450 on Aug 4, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by gracie17

So today at 4:15 pm I phoned support to get my channel line up changed. and after about three minutes was put into a queue with 78 others and will call me back..  that's a good thing .    One hour 8 minutes later my phone call came with announcement I was #1 in queue . ( that's another good thing!) ..   BUT with that annoying music playing full blast I was still waiting at 5:53 pm  which is about 30 minutes of waiting to be from 1 in queue  to 0 ..

( I don't think so.. and this is another bad thing.) .


and speaking of bad things  that LOUD music they play will of course make me put the phone on speaker..

and 4 times out of 5 the support person comes on with a real quiet voice that no one could hear  unless they are in a quiet room and the phone is against your ear.,  because lets face it  we are going to continue our daily schedule of TV or radio listening during this .. what was it again?  oh yeah 30 minutes++     of which I eventually hung up..

turned to my phone ap of 'My Shaw'   and logged in and was 1st in queue  and was answered 30 seconds later ..


who are these guys? ( and girls)   and why so fast over your other call in support teams ?  is it percentages of workers ???