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Additional Options for Wireless TV Wiewing

Question asked by rickatk on Aug 6, 2018

Quite enjoying the BlueSky platform, but off course never satisfied!


I wondering if Shaw is planning a wireless option for the BlueSky terminals? Putting in a cable jack, say in the kitchen, is not always possible. 


Alternativley adding Free Range TV to the tvOS App Store would be a great addition for live tv in Canada. At least then  we could access BlueSky TV wirelessly via Free Range on Apple TV.


I presently view FreeRange TV on an iPad Pro 10.5. This method works fine but being able to view the TV offerings on a TV in the kitchen would be much better says my wife! Buying a 13in iPad Pro to run Free Range is a pricy option.


As an aside I can’t help but think that there is more to Free Range aviailability than technical limitations. Perhaps this feature is being throttled back for fear of live tv being offered over IPTV devices such as Apple TV cannibalizing Shaw’s core business. Live TV on Apple TV is flourishing in the US, not so in Canada. There are many TV offerings now on iOS with the “go apps” and  Free Range and I understand even the go apps have found their way on to the tvOS store. But no FreeRange app.  


Hopefully soon.