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How do I "forget" or turn off "auto-join" for the Passpoint SSID?

Question asked by cderksen on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by shaw-tony

I have used ShawOpen wifi for years, but it is much more complicated now that the ShawPasspoint profile is installed on my smartphone (iPhone 7, iOS 11.4). Although my phone can connect to ShawPasspoint, it doesn't work (it will not allow incoming/outgoing data) while also blocking my mobile data connection. However, ShawOpen continues to work for me (although it is flaky and slow). As a result, I'd like to use ShawOpen while blocking ShawPasspoint. Is this possible?


It seems that "ShawOpen" is one SSID, and I can keep "Auto-Join" turned off and only turn it on when I need to connect to a hotspot. This is perfect and exactly what I'd like to happen. However, despite setting ShawOpen to NOT auto-join, my phone keeps automatically joining ShawPasspoint hotspots instead. If I turn off Auto-Join for a Passpoint hotspot, my phone simply rejoins the next Passpoint hotspot it finds (unlike ShawOpen, where all hotspots can be forgotten once). The inability to prevent connecting to Passpoint means that I often lose connections when my phone switches from my mobile network to Passpoint and back.


Is it possible to "forget" ALL Passpoint hotspots? Or turn off Auto-Join for ALL Passport hotspots? Is there a way to uninstall the Passpoint profile on my phone and only connect to ShawOpen?