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Can't use Shaw Business to sign into CNN as I could with Residential

Question asked by tosclive on Aug 18, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by shaw-tony

In the past, I would use my Shaw residential account to watch CNN on my 2nd monitor, but since changing to Business service, I am unable to log in with my new Shaw Business account. I have setup the email and password correctly, as I am able to log into the webmail service, yet when CNN asks me to log in with my provider credentials (of which Shaw is one, but not Shaw Business), the Shaw site I get redirected to says my email / password are incorrect.

Why is this? Does Residential service have more functionality than business? I know I can watch it on the app, but I'm not interested in watching it on the App, I am interested in watching it through my pc browser. This might become an issue during the NHL season, as I've noticed TSN uses a similar system, and sure enough, it does not work with TSN either.