Bluesky TV still not working correctly... but have 1 question.

Discussion created by ziggurcat on Aug 21, 2018
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Tech came to try to resolve an issue where the Bluesky TV signal just stops sending a signal (or rather, it sends one, but all I'm left looking at is a black screen with no audio, and it for some reason it drops the resolution down to 720p).  The only fix was to physically unplug the Bluesky box, and plug it back in (which suggests that it's an issue with the box itself).  The nice tech person basically replaced all of the connections - the connection from the wall, the connection to the 2-way splitter, replaced the splitter, and replaced the moca connector (the only connection I don't think was replaced was from the splitter to the Bluesky box).  90 minutes after he left, the issue occurred again - I have since spoken to someone on live chat, and tech is coming back again tomorrow to  swap out the box itself.


The question I actually have, though, is since I still have my old PVR (I bought it outright a few years ago), can I just plug my old PVR back in while I wait for the new Bluesky box tomorrow evening? Would there be any real problem with me doing that?  To my knowledge, my old PVR was not deactivated (unless it did that automatically when the Bluesky TV was installed), and it would be nice to watch TV without having to unplug the Blueksy box every couple of hours when it conks out.   


Thanks in advance