shaw will not fix anything!!

Discussion created by mikejbc on Aug 24, 2018

i have had ongoing problems for 14 months, it started with pixelation and now the picture is freezing.

the pixelation is so bad that the picture breaks up or cuts out.starting last week live tv freezes, i have had almost 20 service calls,including some from foreman, my apartment has been rewired, the pvr changed twice and still i have problems. i have spoken to the supervisor of technical operations in this area and he keeps telling me that pixelation and freezing is normal. that is total b.s., i have never had these problems anywhere else i lived and no one i know has these problems. apparently no one else in the building has any problems,so if that is true what the hell is going on?

how can i be the only one in the building to have problems?  i am tired of being lied to and nothing being done.