Frequent audio drops Bluesky TV

Discussion created by ziggurcat on Aug 24, 2018
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Got a new Bluesky TV box on Wednesday to fix an issue I was having with my previous one, and the new one is experiencing very frequent audio drops.  The issue isn't occurring with any of the other devices connected to my A/V receiver.  When it happens, audio is lost for about 1 second.


Incidentally, despite replacing the first Bluesky TV box I received on Wednesday August 23, it has apparently not resolved the issue of it partially losing its signal (there is enough of a signal being sent that my A/V Receiver or TV isn't saying that there's no input detected).  The issue is only resolved by unplugging the Bluesky box altogether - I've tested a new HDMI cable, and last night when it occurred (twice), I connected the Bluesky TV box directly to my TV to entirely bypass my A/V Receiver, and that did not result in regaining a visual/audio signal (which tells me that it's still the box that's the problem) - pressing the "display" button on my TV's remote (not the Bluesky remote) showed that the resolution only registering at 720p.  Also, when this problem occurs, the Bluesky TV box does not go into sleep mode despite the setting being enabled.


This problem seems to trigger more easily anytime there are input changes (whether frequent or simply on another input for a lengthy period of time) or I have to power cycle my A/V Receiver.  I just got some new speakers, and so I have been trying to calibrate listening modes, etc... which sometimes requires a power cycle to enable the change in settings. 


I think this is either an inherent problem with the Bluesky TV box or simply a bug in the FW.


edit: as a note - the audio drops did not occur with the previous Bluesky TV box...