Recently upgraded to 300 with Arris XB6 problems

Discussion created by ned on Aug 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by nezroy

As a forefront, I use my connection for PS4 gaming and VPN passthrough using a Cisco router and the XB6 is in bridgemode this is the same setup that I used with the previous Hitron modem and everything was fine.


      i have had the connection up and running for I think 3 weeks now, I am a little concerned, although I acknowledge I am still in experimental stage with the whole thing.


      First concerns are when running a VPN pass through connection to work, whigh is something I do daily. With the new setup I am getting very frequent disconnects and reconnecting warnings when running Remote Desktop. This was never this way before with the old setup and 150, sometimes it’s as much as every couple minutes. I have proven without a doubt that if I restart the Arris the problem seems to correct itself for a few days, obviously not a acceptable cure but a work around.


   secondly, as a gamer I expected at least the same latency with the online gaming as the previous setup, this doesn’t seem to be the case. I find the lag and latency are noticeably higher with the new setup, resetting the modem seems to help but I cannot be definitive.


   third, when I try to loh into the modem using the local login IP, the system is not available. The internet is up and running (with all its little idiosyncrasies, but, I cannot access the interface. 

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

A simple reboot of the modem also fixes this, obviously a temporary fix but not a cure
i am wondering if this is normal with the current tech and software, if I had to draw a conclusion I would say these problems are definitely modem related, probably firmware or something. I am no expert but I have considered demanding the old Hitron modem back. And although I got a great deal on my service, maybe the 150 service too.
is anyone else having these problems or have any suggestions?