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Any advice for WIFI speed issues on Hiltron

Question asked by dapperdan on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by shaw-tony

About 3 weeks ago my Internet became the bane of my existence, I initially ignore it assuming it was a temporal thing and something was amiss inside the Internet and magic would return things to normal.


I can now describe what I've learned over the past weeks trying to get back to reliable WIFI.


Right now I barely seem to make it 24 hours without having to do a Factory Reset on the Hiltron, a simple reboot does not seem to do it, but a Factory Reset instantly gives me back great wifi for a period of time.


The WiFi becomes sporadically slow, one moment I can peak pout at 180mbs and the next a MB or two. The extreme slowness is enough to get me booted from PS4 games.


Initially I only had the Hitron set to use AC only, I used an older Airport for older devices and tried to maximize speed. I've since removed all other Network devices in hoping of a fix.


Shaw has swapped me out to a new modem, same problem.


Hardwired Internet remains fast and unaffected.


Tech came out today and replaced an older splitter and things, but again hardware internet has remained unaffected.


Used a few Wifi spy tools to see whats happening and on at least one channel I had tried there was no other nearby users. 


After Fac Reset, all I do is rename the SSID's to a custom name and replace the password.


Tried renaming the SSID to a new one with new password that nothing else knew about it did not clear up the issue.


Have moved the modem around a bit, but still within a few feet. All devices seem to have the trouble including ones reporting near 100% connection and if I take the laptop to within feet of the router.


I'd like to make this work, last advice from Tech Support is to buy a separate router. That seems silly to buy a separate wifi router when I only need to make it a few weeks and I am contract-less and can swap out to an provider with a more modern router.


It is nightly almost that this happens... Last few nights seems about the same time, but that might be because its been 24 hours since the last reset that the timing seems similar.