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HITRON reboots itself

Question asked by thunderstrike987 on Sep 2, 2018

With the Shaw Hitron modem, does anyone else have issues with their WAN resetting on its own every 12-24 hours? Periodically, especially while streaming, I'll notice all my devices (both wired and wireless) on the network lose internet connection. Upon looking at the modem during the outage, the normally blue up/downstream arrow lights have turned a solid green and @ status light is either blinking or is off. I've also noticed somtimes, that the little lan status icon is blinking, but perhaps it just depends on when I caught it.


After waiting 5-10 minutes, the connection seems to re-establish itself (blue up/down, all other lights solid green) and I can continue using the internet without any intervention. If I wasn't using the internet at that time, I probably wouldn have never noticed it. Since I signed up, about 10 days ago, this has happened at least 3 time that I have noticed, but I'm unsure how many times it actually happened.


After this happens, if I log into the router page, I notice the WAN uptime back near 0h0m0s, while the LAN uptime remains at my 3+ days (since I plugged in the modem)


I've read that this recycle could be caused by Shaw reprovisioning things in my area - but I have no idea if this is true. If it is... they sure seem to reprovision things very often.


This is really annoying to have happen while watching a Netflix show or streaming some music. Luckily it hasn't happened while working on something important... but regardless, it doesn't seem reliable if I need to wait for this to cycle.


Any other ideas?