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MYSHAW app in iTunes on iPhone XS Max

Question asked by roosterstoker on Oct 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by roosterstoker

Please, I am immediately able to download the MyShaw app from iTunes, on to my iPhone XS Max, however, when opening/launching the App, and me placing my finger on the top part of the App screen, I immediately get booted out of the App. This happens without fail all the time. I have tried deleting the App, and reloading it, with the same effect. Could you please get your App development team to take a look at how this App reacts on the new models of iPhone XS/XS Max (especially the Max), to see if the same experience takes place. My phone is obviously brand new, and all other Apps that I have downloaded do not react in this fashion. It could be the new screen size on the new phone has not gone through the App development process. Thanks for looking into this. I could take a video, of what happens upon me placing my finger on the screen, but I don't think it is necessary. Just sufficient to say, that the App completely gets booted out and you end up in the home screen. This takes place on iOS 12 or iOS 12.01

Thanks very much for any advice, or information indicating that your app needs an update, or confirming that your IT department has launched your App on this New phone, and you have not recorded any problems.