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Qustion about our new Bluesky pvr box

Question asked by 604maxximus on Sep 1, 2018

Just got my Blue sky pvr and internet 150 installed yesterday. Quite happy with the results. Internet 25 wasn't cutting it anymore LOL! I had a technical question about the PVR. As I wasn't home when the install took place I didn't see how the PVR was set up.  My question is how the new PVR is able to play Netflix and YouTube when it is not (to my knowledge) using my Wi-Fi nor do I see a LAN cable hooked into it. Does the PVR get the data it needs from the coaxial cable? 


Are folks happy with the Aris XB6 and its range? After using it and doing some testing I found while close the throughput was quite high but the range of the signal was not so hot. I ended up bridging the Aris and am using my Nighthawk R7000. Range is back to normal but with much fast speeds.