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Remote not working for PVR, but still works for TV

Question asked by timjah on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by rebecca5476


I have a Motorola DCX3510M PVR box with a fairly new Champion 2025B2-B1 remote. For some reason the remote no longer seems to be giving commands to the PVR. I get no response when in "cable mode"; however the remote still works on in TV mode to turn on/off the TV or volume, and other functions.  Just to make sure my PVR is working normally,  I used another universal remote that is programmed for the PVR, it still works but some functions it does not emulate so I would like to get the Shaw remote working properly again.


It seems like both PVR and remote devices are receiving functioning, it just appears as if the Champion remote just lost its code for the Motorola PVR, which I thought it was it's default. 


How do I set it back to be able to control the PVR?  

How does this happen in the first place?