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2 year contract my rigth to cancel

Question asked by dododacow on Sep 9, 2018

i went internet 150 after a fews weeks i already notice bad connection already. so decided to download the app, chat with the agents go thru trouble shooting so it went down to acceptable state which you can play a online game with out too much lag, but still videos and photos on the web page wont load as much when it first got the internet. So every week i keep cmplaining about this still nothing happens and yesterday i lost my internet connection. i chat and called and they said im on the priority list and they will send a tech to fix the problem. Now as a customer do i have the right to cancel the contract because im not satisfied with the service?. internet connection doesnt met as advertise and now im down 2 days already, if there is a tech availble tommorow if not it might go 1 week because they said the availble tech would be on sept 21 so they just put me on the priority. the aggreement that they send didnt explain as much thats why i post this just to get a general idea because if this comes to worst i dont want to stuck for 2 years on crappy service.