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Pop up error message saying Join this Network on logging in/ what is it and how to remove?

Question asked by danielle777 on Sep 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by danielle777

Firstly as a new member of this message board, it was not obvious how to post a message.


The issue I am having which I do not see addressed on the board anywhere and so I guess deserves a separate and new question, is that using a MacBook Air 10.10.5 (mid 2013) after log-in (without Safari browser open or any apps open) pops up an 'error message' saying that 'this page cannot be found'/at the top of this window it says 'Join Network .....' (and includes my SSID number) and the bottom is an extremely long link (which is different each time the window pops up). Thank goodness the window can be closed, so at this point after trying many things:

Safari>Develop>empty cache>restart; etc, etc.  I am wondering if the issue might stem from Internet Provider (i.e. Shaw)..........and it there have been others asking and seeing this happening on their computers too.


Are others experiencing this issue?  What is it about? Is it connected to something to do with Shaw as the internet provider?  --- as Mr. Dressup (children's CBC program) used to say: "WHAT TO DO, GURU?"


Thank you for your time and consideration.