What's going on with costumer service?? My tech appointment was canceled without notifying me (turns out I had to wait 10 days for a reschedule). No reply to this issue via the Shaw concern system

Discussion created by kydo on Sep 10, 2018

I'm going to rant slightly as I tell my experience, however, I'm going to ask some questions at the end and hope someone can answer them. 


I am extremely frustrated with Shaw. Here's a quick background to set the stage of what happened. 


I booked an appointment mid August to get hooked up at the beginning of September, with no problem.

The day arrives and no one showed up in my 2 hour window.

I called costumer service 20 minutes later and eventually found out that the service technician called in sick. I obviously had a bunch of questions such as: When did the tech call in sick? Why wasn't I informed? and Why am I now in the back of the line for a service install?


I initially sent a complaint to the costumer concern platform on the internet. I was informed that I would hear back in 1 business day. I waited a couple days and heard nothing back and sent a couple follow ups. It's now been over a week and I have not heard back from the costumer concern people (like what's going on?). 


So my questions:


The main one:

Who can I talk to at Shaw to address my issues?



Is it Shaw policy not to inform people when a tech calls in sick and cancels their appointment?

Is it Shaw policy to not have a contingency for sick days? That would obviousness affect thousands of people a year. 


and a bonus: how many concerns does Shaw reply via its official concern line?




Any comments or answers would be greatly appreciated.