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How can I get PS4 NAT Type 1 again?

Question asked by kierok on Sep 20, 2018

I had NAT Type 1 on my Playstation 4 last week with my Hitron router. I had a Shaw customer service rep assign me a second IP and I went to the router settings and put in my PS4's MAC address in IP passthrough.


Now, I have a new Arris SB6 router and the router settings are different. I don't see IP passthrough. I have talked to Shaw customer service again and they assigned me a second IP. I went to my router settings and gave my PS4 a reserved IP and I entered that IP in the DMZ settings for IPv4. I don't know what IPv6 is so I left that blank. I saved changes and reset both my ps4 and my router and nothing is different. My NAT type is still type 2 and matchmaking takes way longer than it did last week (with type 1 on the Hitron router). I want to keep the Arris router because it allows for up to 300 Mbps (currently only paying for 150 Mbps but I will get it when I can afford it), but I need to sort this out.


I am using a wired connection


Thanks for any help!