How can I get Shaw to really call back?

Discussion created by himmit on Sep 26, 2018
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Yesterday, a Shaw agent, after hours of trying to reach one, did something to my phone modem. He said if there was still a problem to call back. My call--back (CV) started at 8:34 A.M. today. The CB was to be "35-45 minutes" 2.5 hours later, a man called back and said he would transfer me to a specialist and having experienced Shaw transfers, asked him not to because I would be disconnected, but he said to trust him, click and I was put back at the front of the cue - again.


I listened to the ..."faster way to reach an agent is by chat..." commercials so many times, I tried it. "38 minutes remaining" and sat here watching it count down to zero minutes zero and watched again for 31 minutes of "Searching for an available agent" so I assumed they were all lost of missing, I closed it an phoned... 


Cutting to the quick, at 3:07 PM almost 7 hours of Shaw chat/phone, I got a nice lady who told me to stay on the line with her and she would make sure we would be on a "conference call" with a "specialist" with out being disconnected. After 26 minutes with that Agent and I waiting, she said she had to hang up because I was holding up the cue. Are we only allowed 26 minutes to wait and have to start waiting again?


I've been with Shaw since 1993 and have had a lot of problems, but nothing as severe as this. I couldn't even get through Billing because as soon as I said I was cancelling, I was disconnected.


I give up on Shaw support(?) So, with any luck, another customer might be able to help me.


  1. I have caller block enabled. But I get a ring every time there is a caller blocked. yesterday, I received 13 caller blocked, one every 30 - 50 seconds - each with one announcement ring. Pause for 15 minutes, and they start again. I called (I know!) Shaw and after several hours reached a nice fellow who did as I said up top, something to phone router and to call back. Ergo, my foray into Shaw Hades today.
    I very much want to, and know I MUST follow the instructions from Shaw, but gee guys, answer the phones!

  2. When I started with Shaw, high-speed was 5Kbps. Following the carrot I upgraded to 10, then 25 then 75 and each worked great for a while. But some dropped right down to 0.4 kbps. But as Shaw says "Up to..." Now, with 'high speed' 75 I am lucky to get 40-50 - in between the throttling that causes "looking up".... and "Waiting for...". I know it's - "Up to..." 

Service guys have been here so many times I was ready to get them their own key so they could let themselves in  But that was due to the TV signal breaking out in the middle of  hockey game or whatever, but notably, not in the middle of any commercial, to "Not Subscribed" all up and down the channels. After months of trial and error, I cancelled the TV and Shaw penalized me because I no longer had the bundle.  That has been addressed and I need to remind them that every year.


So, how do I follow Shaw's instructions and get to an agent so I can cancel without spending day at it? BTW, I was promised a call back - didn't happen. 


Customers have lives too and Shaw head honchos should have to sit in front of a screen and watch the Chat count down to zero and wait, for an indeterminable amount of time while it searches for the lost or missing agent.