Worst Customer Service Ever!

Discussion created by sdionndra on Oct 3, 2018

I had pre booked my services to be set up well in advance of my moving date. I was told to be available at 12:00pm the day of my appointment. I waited until 4:30pm until I finally called wondering what happened with the technician. I was told he was running behind and would be calling me before arrival. I waited AGAIN until 8:30pm!!! When IO called back I was told the technician made a not that he had in fact showed up called me and knocked on my door. THIS WAS A LIE! I did not miss one phone call and my home was silent.... since I had no tv or background sounds and was home alone. I also have a very loud doorbell that I would have heard. I spend my entire day off sitting in an empty house waiting 8 hours. After speaking to several customer service agents I was told there was nothing they could do about it and I would have to wait 9DAYS!! for the next available appointment. They did not even offer incentives for their mistake.


If this happens, a customer should be priority to get their services the next day! If this cant happen they should be offered a discounted rate for the first month or a month free of services.

I am a manager of an apartment building and will be sure to tell every move in/move out not to use Shaw because Telus was a much better experience.