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The Blue Sky system has some new good features.... but there are several disappointing differences between it and Gateway...


1. For some reason all the Stingray Music channels  are all blank and do not show the song or artist that is playing...

Having to start up my computer and log into Stingray to see the playlist is not acceptable.  WHY?


2. We work and travel and the 500 GB hard drive is too small for the amount of shows we like and want to record. 

With Gateway we had a 1 TB esata hard drive attached and had no problems with not enough drive space.... There

is an esata port on the Blue Sky but it is apparently disabled..... WHY?


3. When watching a show and you decide to save it to the PVR it will not record from the beginning of the show only from that point forward.....(You can rewind to the beginning and start it but still only records from the original later point in the program).......WHY?


4. You cannot pick what channel or time slot you want to record.... it decides...… WHY?


5. If you have any older TVs that dont have HDMI you will have to buy an adapter (Amazon or ?) as there is only 

HDMI    - No   RCA, composite or component out jacks.....WHY?


This is what we have noticed so far.... we were offered an upgrade from the older GATEWAY system

which we were quite happy with but we have lost several important features with Blue Sky....


Our first disappointment with SHAW....