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Why cant my PVR settings be channel specific?

Question asked by nrlarson79 on Sep 23, 2018

When I was with Telus, your scheduled show was channel specific. I find with Shaw not offering this option, I have 2 problems;


1) It will record the same episode NUMEROUS times if it is "new" to separate channels

2) If a show starts reruns on a channel that does not indicate if it is new or rerun, it records as new.


This is REALLY irritating as I will have 7,8,9 etc episodes record in a couple days that have no episode info. I need to go into every episode and watch the first little bit of each to see if it is new or not. Multiply that by 10+ different shows and that is enough to send me back to Telus!


Options for recording should be;

New or all episodes,

Channel *** or any channel


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