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XB6 router not good for xbox1 ps3 or anything other then web surfing

Question asked by gamer8686 on Sep 19, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2018 by mat.kleis

So landlords got the xb6 modem....since then nothing but problems with my Xbox one s, ps3 and iPad mini 2.....shows ivp4&6 but at first had no UPnP and NAT was was able to do port forwarding on my xbox1 but event though with 100% signal strength and between 80-120mbps download and 4-6mbps upload I’m getting severe lag and ping drops on it....ps3 is now all but useless for multiplayer which is sad because that’s free service and couldn’t even make a Skype on my iPad...all 3 devices go bad at once, slim chances...and I’m like 30-40 ft at most from this hardwire isn’t an option...this is a huge letdown as old router worked amazing. I’ve seen that someone innthe forums said disable MoCA network on router...Shaw tech said there isn’t one on router....but that was obviously wrong as he said it solved all his I ask what are the options here as this is supposed to be a blazing fast router and able to detect devices and send them signals like a why all 3 devices dropping connection when signal is 100% and download and upload speeds are fine or within reasonable expectations from a router that claims to be able to go  past 300mbps anywhere in the house/building it’s in...had to set up 7 forwarded ports on my xbox1 alone to get a very lackluster experience.....and it’s not just Microsoft as I said my os3 on 2.4g is all but useless now for online there gonna be a software update for this “top of the line” router or replacements for those who got one because this is not what you’d expect from a a “top of the line”router....if any Shaw techs want to contact me please do because I’m very tech savvy and my landlords just go by basic tech support and don’t understand even what a NAT type is or what UPnP stands for....firewall is at low which is fine as it has MoCA coming in through coaxial from NID and MoCA network is active for tv....if I can get solid answered to any of this and show them then they won’t think I’m just trying to bother them about not being able to play games but there’s a network issue going on here that needs to be addressed.....because this isn’t what is advertised by Shaw. And this issue is a common one on these forums so again Shaw what can be done? Thanks