Poor Connection to Seattle

Discussion created by seibah on Oct 13, 2018
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On the Internet 150 plan. Not the account owner, but a tenant. Recently accessing some websites (namely Reddit) became incredibly slow. I tested a bit on 2 devices (Windows laptop and iPhone) and I think the issue is with Shaw's connection to Seattle, or some CDNs in Seattle. Take a look at the following test results:

Reference: UBC

ubc speed good

Seattle connections:

CenturyLink (good connection)

AT&T oh no

I also tested other cities:

Steps Taken:

Restarted modem

Rebooted devices


Any help troubleshooting?


Edit: A test to PNAP-SEA, by Internap Network yields 0.4MBPS! This one is from, all other networks in Seattle there yields good connection: