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Obstruction of E-Mail Receipt?

Question asked by denisn on Oct 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by denisn

First I'll state I don't know if shaw is actually doing this, and if so, I suspect it's some sort of false trigger for spam protection.

I'm a software/game developer. I'm working from home and in order to sign in to my Unreal Engine account I get a security code e-mailed to me with each sign-in attempt.  Recently I stopped getting those e-mails. I already had filters in place to ensure those messages were getting to me and getting to where I could immediately find them. 


As part of my trouble shooting I disabled all of my filters so I could see if it was hitting my on-pc-client at all; It (the e-mail) wasn't. I then went onto web-mail site,  None of those e-mails were present at all. This leads me to believe that they aren't even hitting the mail server.


I got into contact with Epic Games support. Had them manually send a security code e-mail (or try to)  All direct support exchanges go through just fine, Any time they try to send me a security code; nothing.


Is there another facet to e-mail via shaw where I might not even see a message hit my account at all, even though it was sent?   Epic Games is investigating on their end, I am checking my e-mails on a freshly formatted PC, with no additional software so I have a clean environment to troubleshoot from.  it just looks like the messages never hit my inbox. Even as 'spam'.