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Been waiting forever for $500 Gift Card

Question asked by millionmann on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by shaw-tony

Signed up with Shaw Cable only for the sole reason of the Blue Sky TV and for the Extra $500 Gift Card that came along with it i know i pay for it in the long run but its nice but Telus offered me the same deal but i thought shaw is a reputable company and i will go with them, when i first signed up with them the first person i talked to said in her own words " you will receive the gift card within 5 - 10 days after service is set up " its been a month now and no one can give me a straight answer. I have just found out the gift card is offered through a 3rd party vendor not surprised but i thought i would receive it from Shaw even if they received it from them. The company it comes from is PREPAID DIGITAL SOLUTIONS. I've done some research and they are a very terrible company and have a very bad reputation for ripping people off so now i'm sitting here thinking if ill ever get the card or if i get it, it wont work. Been forever now and was promised 5 -10 days on the phone from the lady i spoke with. Will update if i receive it in the next day or two but its really not looking like i will. Been mislead most likely and they are using this tactic to lure people in and not making good on their promises but never know could be a hiccup. Will make an update. Anyone else have an issue with receiving their card ? If you've received it how long did it take ? Any information about it would be nice because the Shaw representatives have been very rude besides John he was very nice and they have been clueless on this whole promotion i had a lady say she doesn't even know what BluSky was and thought i received the gift card by mail when my services were done i hung up after that. But overall shaw has been great channels are great the new BluSky is amazing turns any TV into a smart TV, cant go wrong with the package just could've gotten it cheaper if i waited and only went for it early for the gift card just feel mislead or mis promised let me know.