Blue Sky recording options

Discussion created by dadswaug on Oct 28, 2018
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it has been a year now since I first asked this question and pointed out a flaw in the recording options available with Blue Sky and I don't see any progress has been made to correct or address the problem .

To reiterate, ,the problem is within the recording options is an option of "New Episodes" (the current selection I have set) or "New and Repeats", the problem is that UNLESS whoever is providing the guide data and doesn't turn on the "New" flag for any episode in question,, the Blue Sky box defaults to recording it anyway.

When in fact,, the firmware should be ignoring the episode since it ISN'T flagged as "New" and only record episodes that are flagged as "New" in the guide listing.

As a current example (the same one I raised a year ago) I have Bermans Call (channel 257) set to record only New Episodes.

There is a new episode every Monday at 9 AM, but when I look at Scheduled Recordings, I see it is set to record on Sunday at 12:30 (this is a repeat of the previous Mondays episode, and has actually repeatedly recorded all of this weeks repeat broadcasts- 5 in total.)

SO, since the guide data doesn't have the New or Repeat flag set,, then the Blue Sky box ignores the New Episodes option and records all.

It should have been an easy fix ,, is there one in the works ??

p.s. this problem is not unique to this program or channel, its a common problem across all similar situations.