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Why have two Bluesky 4K boxes gone into permanent sleep mode in the last 10 days?

Question asked by steve_p on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by steve_p

When I turn on my TV and 5 month old Bluesky box, the box does not wake up.  Tried restarting box numerous times to no avail.  Tech in Einnipeg tried restarting box remotely numerous times again to no avail.  Box replaced last Saturday, last night new box failed to wake up on start.  Tried restarting box once again numerous times to no avail.  Tech in Winnipeg tried restarting box several times to no avail.  He said it was showing it had gone into standby mode and he could not get it to come out of this mode.  Tech coming Saturday late afternoon to nce again replace box.  I have requested a non-4K unit this time as I am not in the least impressed with Blueksy at this point.