Help with srs phone (Shaw technician issue)

Discussion created by shrimpie on Nov 9, 2018
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Hi, my senior pal moved within her srs residence & had a Shaw technician reinstate her long-existing no. as the new apt. had another phone number. Yesterday 8 Nov. 2018 the technician came & set up her new phone no. but only in her phone in the living room. The senior said she had a phone in the bedroom but he didn't link it to her proper phone. no. Residence management says the phone line in her bedroom is still connected to their system at the unwanted number. 


Perhaps the technician didn't realize he had to do both phone lines separately? Regardless, the 70-something sr called your technical no. today to ask for a technician to return and discovered she was #62 in line! and obviously cannot wait that long. Bottom line - technician must return to her srs residence apt. & fix the bedroom phone.


If you direct e-mail me, I can give you her specifics.Hope this can get resolves ASAP. Thanks.

Cheers, Pat