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What extra am I getting with the addition of Crave to TMN/HBO?

Question asked by b-r-i on Nov 25, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by shaw-tamara

With the merging of CraveTV with TMN/HBO I am now being charged $2/month more. What do I actually get for this? I don't have a Smart TV and I don't watch TV on my PC or phone.


I've tried searching the Shaw site and found this page:

Nov 1 | The Movie Network (TMN) and CraveTV are now Crave 


While it has a lot of information, there are no specifics on what extra features I will get. Without a Smart TV (and not use a PC or phone), will I still be able to access the extra content? Will I be able to identify what content is coming from the addition of Crave? Is there a link you can give me with all of the details rather than vague descriptions like "the package will now include Crave originals like Letterkenny, previous seasons of Showtime series and hit TV series like The Big Bang Theory."?