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xb6 home page

Question asked by vanadiel on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2018 by thaya258

My XB6 "homepage" crashes every week or so.

It is once again not responding to web browser connections or pings.

The modem part of it continuous to work fine. (as far as I can see)


I have it set at in bridge mode. It will work for a week or so, upon which I have to either leave it like that, or reboot the cable modem so it comes back for another week.


It's not an IP conflict because my DHCP server is set to start at to and default gateway set  static to with a netmask of /24


There is no other DHCP server or DHCP relay on my network and all my devices receives their IP's from the one DHCP server.


I don't see this being a network issue because the cable modem is the only device on the WAN side.