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Your call can not be completed as Dialed!!!

Question asked by jaisond on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by shaw-tamara

So I have now been with Shaw for the past 3 months, Switched over from Telus as they had tried to bill be for items that where never received, and tried renew my contract with out consent. Anyhow, After switching over our phone line; only receive certain calls from certain numbers.  I have call numerous times for this issue to be fixed. I personally can not call from my cell phone to my own house. I think Shaw needs to respond to this matter ASAP. Everytime we have called in they have said the same thing we will investigate and let you know in a couple days. NEVER have we received a phone call back FROM SHAW.  Is This how Telecom companies Deal with customers. I am so tired of Telecom companies taking advantage of the consumers like this. I have paid my bills regularly and on time. Credits on account don't help that I CAN NOT CALL MY OWN HOUSE. Lets see how this works before I take it further done the line of social media, CRTC, ect.