Future "POTENTIAL" of BlueSky?

Discussion created by flya00 on Dec 2, 2018
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I have recently noticed that Shaw has started to follow the path of Xfinity and X1 with BlueSky TV. Though I have one problem and that is when will Shaw reach the full potential of X1 that Xfinity has shown.

1. Apps - After looking on the Xfinity website I have seen that they offer many more apps such as, Pandora, iHeartRadio and even free games to play.

2. Voice Commands - I just saw the greatest thing ever in the voice commands options on Xfinity which is the ability to purchase movie tickets through Fandango or vote for a contestant or team right from your Remote's Voice Command.

3. Security - The biggest problem I have is with the fact that Xfinity can connect your home to your TV so you can simply ask home camera and they appear on your TV screen.

4. xFi - The coolest thing I have seen to date in integration is Xfinity xFi which allows you to control your internet in a very simple UI from any Xfnity devices or your phone. The Basics & Benefits of XFINITY WiFi 

5. 4K - Now I have realized that Shaw recently released the 4K box for Netflix and Youtube, but I have seen that Xfinity has been able to enable HDR for it too, which means Shaw can probably do it too. This is not where I am trying to go with this though. I have seen that Telus has TSN an  Sportsnet in 4K so why can't we have those in 4K on the XG1v4.

6. Remote - The last point I would like to make is the actual remote for BlueSky, the one I currently have at home is the XR11 but Xfinity has the XR15 which looks much better as well simpler so why can't we have those.


I hope somebody can clear all this up for me.

Thank You.