Every day my Bluesky boxes need to be power cycled to get a signal

Discussion created by kamagnuson on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2018 by canucksgal

So since the day I got "upgraded" from Gateway to Bluesky, all of my brain boxes and portals need to be power cycled every single day. 


When the power button is pressed on the remote, the TV turns on and the box Bluesky box blinks indicating it received a signal - but there is no signal/picture.  I've tried switching to different HDMI cables, changing the connection route and have even had 2 boxes swapped by Shaw and nothing fixes it.  It doesn't matter if the unit's been off for a week or an hour, it just acts up when it wants.  It's always a nice surprise to turn it on and actually have a picture.  That's not what I pay for.


In my house. I use all different brands of TVs, with different configurations of cabling - 2 of my TVs are directly connected to the Shaw hardware but the result is always the same.  I have been told to try different connections and believe me, I have tried everything.


I have turned off the power saver feature as well since I saw that mentioned, and it makes no difference at all.


It is a huge pain to have to get up and unplug the power, especially on the main brain unit as it takes like 3 minutes to power back up.


This is a known issue since every time I search online I see my exact same issues from others.  Each time I contact Shaw they pretend they've never heard about it even though I know they have.  They have nothing to offer in the way of support or help.


All I want is for someone at Shaw to acknowledge that the problem exists and that they're working on it.  Right now, I am very frustrated and have no idea where to go next.