Do not get Internet 300 if you play online (PS4)

Discussion created by jake77 on Dec 8, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by bwolfman

Just wanted everyone to know that if your planning on getting Internet 300 with the XB6 modem. DON'T!! I signed up for internet 300 with the XB6 on a two year contract. From day one, I was getting disconnected when playing online (I had 150 before and never had problem). A tech came out and replaced a new modem with another new modem. The next few days I was still getting disconnected. I phone Shaw and asked if I could go back to 150 with the old modem or cancel. They said we will send out a tech and replace the new XB6 back to the old modem in 7 days. So, the tech was supposed to be here on a Tuesday to switch modems and never showed up. Phoned Shaw the next day and asked what happen to my appointment yesterday. They said they didn't have one for my address. I said yes i did, I booked one your help CHAT. The person on phone apologized and said they had an opening in 2 days to switch back to old modem. I said I would rather cancel. I had been on hold for hours, on the help chat for hours and had a tech come out a few times. I would rather just cancel. Its just not working. Between signing up, trying to figure out the disconnection problem, Shaw techs coming out and Shaw not showing up for the missed appointment I was over the ten days. The person on the phone said i would have to pay the $20.00 a month canceling fee since its been over 10 days. I told Shaw i was having nothing put problems since day one and you guys missed a 7 day advanced appointment to push me over the 10 days. Shaw told me i would have to pay $480.00 to cancel (as i was still in the first month of a 24 month contract) or book another appointment to go back to 150 with the old modem. I was pretty pissed off SHAW they had me trapped in with the contract.  So a tech came out again 2 days later. Installed the old 150 modem and guess what? I have not had a problem with being disconnected playing online again. If your having disconnect issues and thinks its PS4 or something else. The problem is Shaw and there XB6 modem. I hope this helps anyone thinking of getting 300.