Since speed has doubled...

Discussion created by sparky1974 on Dec 9, 2018
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I have the 150mbps plan for the last 2 years and it’s always been steady over wifi with my iphones, iPads or Mac.

( my router is an Apple Extreme, last gen )


5ghz: 170-175 dn / 15-16up

2.4ghz 70-80 dn / 15-16 up


Since last week, ( the double speed event ), my 5ghz goes from 160 mbps to 330 mbps, i‘m fine with it even if I no longer have a steady speed but the thing is I only get between 9 and 12 mbps dn and 6-7 up on my 2.4ghz now.


That’s the band used by all my Nest cameras and Sonos speakers.

Everything was fine and fluid before, but now it’s choppy...  at some point my speakers and cameras are unusable, useless.


I power cycled everything, twice, tried different channels, unplugged cameras and speakers, and I still have the same results.



Why is my 2.4 is slower and useless now!??

It was way better before!!