Connection dropping since free upgrade to 300

Discussion created by jack_81 on Dec 9, 2018
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Hi everyone. Is anyone else with a Hitron cable modem / Router having random internet loss. Here's what happens to me.

After I exchanged my cable modem (at request of tech support), If I connect the ethernet to the bottom ethernet port on the Hitron, I only get about a 90 mbps connection but if I connect to the ethernet port just above it, I get the full 300+mbps, the problem is after a few hours (sometimes as little as 2 hours) the Hitron signal from shaw stops sending data and like the connection goes dead. I have to reboot (unplug) the Hitron and then everything is fine for another period of time, same thing happened with the old Hitron I returned, but it was doing this more frequently. I've checked all my equipment at my end and everything works as it should. The Hitron is set to "Bridge" mode and all my personal stuff runs fine at gigabit speeds. I've wasted a LOT of time on the help Chat and on the phone with Shaw support just to do the same thing every time, cycle the Hitron modem but anything they've done so far has not cured the problem. I've also connected my computer directly to the Hitron modem but that didn't make any difference. It's almost like the Hitron isn't handling the 300mbps very well and packs it in every few hours. I didn't any problems when I was at 150mbps, I've only been having constant problems since the 5th of December when I cycled the Hitron to get 300mbps. Anyone else having this problem and if you got it fixed..... HOW did you do it or what did the techs at Shaw have to do to make it work reliably?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Regards: Jack