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No dialtone after power outage

Question asked by seasidecomputers on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by shaw-tamara

The power went out. It is back now. My 2 line system has no dialtone. The Shaw modem is in an electrical room in the complex, I have no access to it. I plug in my tester phone (I fix computers for a living), still no dialtone. I phoned helpline, after an hour on hold was told to call Business Help. After 48 minutes dismissing person answers (by then I am driving because I have work to do) but have two employees in the store. Dismissive Shaw Person says, my modem "JUST" came back on-line, "should be all good now, okay?". I say, please call the number to see if it works. She puts me on hold, calls number, comes back saying it's all good, it's ringing. I say well, it's been ringing all morning for the caller but not in my store. I have two employees there, they would've answered. Well, Dismisiive Shaw Person says the problem must be with my equipment. I figured out how to forward my business line to my cellphone for now, will call Business Support again tonight when I have time and an available phoneline to tie up.

Hoping someone from Shaw sees this and does something. 250-746-9715. (If no answer 9-5 it's because IT DOES NOT WORK!.