Gateway - Shaw on Demand - improvements needed

Discussion created by debrajackson on Dec 22, 2018

The Shaw on Demand on our Gateway was "upgraded" earlier this year. I was pretty excited, but soon realized it wasn't much of an improvement:


1)  It doesn't show the year the movie was made!

2)  It's hard to navigate around the movie listings...time-consuming

3)  Descriptions are wrong. Today we watched "Deadpool 2", but the description of the movie was for the first Deadpool.

     That's pretty sloppy Shaw.

4)  Cast and Crew info is scant at best and pretty much a waste of time.


I'd like to know why Shaw can't give us something that rivals or beats Telus and DirecTV (in the USA). I've used both and I was impressed with both. 

I'm guessing they're pushing us toward BlueSky, but we don't want to be forced to upgrade our hardware every couple of years.

What gives Shaw?