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Upload rate tanked since 150-300 upgrade

Question asked by purgatory on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by shaw-tony

Hi, I'm a streamer by trade, and the past week (Ever since the double download thing started), my upload rate has been extremely unstable, and more often than not, as low as 2-4 Mb/s, as opposed to the 15 I used to get.  Should go without saying that it's very much impacted my job in a negative way.  My download rate is fine, it's at or slightly over 300, but my upload is way lower than it should be.

Is this a side effect of the download rate upgrade or something else?  This was never an issue until this change went through, and I have lost a lot of revenue because of this issue.  I contacted support a few days ago about it, and they said they know it was an issue and that it should be fixed shortly, the next day, it was fine for a few hours, but then tanked again, and has been awful ever since.

I've tried a VPN, I've tried restarting my router, changing DNS servers, restarting PC, nothing is helping from my end.