Incredibly high packet loss persists after modem swap and large amounts of troubleshooting.

Discussion created by kealmir on Dec 13, 2018
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I've been having an issue with a huge amount of instability in my internet after swapping to Shaw 150 a couple months ago, and I've seemingly tried every solution I can think of at this point. I've tried swapping coaxial cables, removing splitters, replacing my modem, new ethernet cables, going wireless, testing on different devices, but nothing works. The worst part about it is how damn inconsistent it all is, 50% of the time it will be flawless with no issues at all but it will always come back for hours at a time with a 10-20% packet loss starting at the first and across all hops in my connection. I've been with Shaw now for almost 10 years and the last 6 months have been the worst I've experienced thus far, but as far as moving the modem into newly developed basement nothing much has changed. I'm currently on the 150 plan that was recently bumped up up to 300 that my family and I share among several devices in the house. My primary usage is for gaming and live streaming too and from, the packet loss doesn't seem to affect Youtube and Netflix too much but the streaming services Twitch and Crunchyroll are heavily impacted to the point where watching anything above 720p is on those sites is impossible.


I originally did some WinMTR tests with my original modem saw that my packet loss was starting down the chain at the first hop and I contacted Shaw over the phone, I explained my situation and was given a work order to replace my modem with a XB6 which is what I'm currently using. I set it up by removing my splitter and using the new cable provided running it directly into the wall just to try eliminating any possible interference that may have been causing issues. The XB6 took some time to connect to my devices but it ran great that night with several tests of over 5000+ sent packets all being received, but unfortunately the next day the problem started reoccurring. I'm really at a loss of what to do at this point and I'm worried of calling in a technician and it be during period of time where I'm unable to reproduce the problem.


Here is some tests I ran on my old and new modems:


(Old Modem)


(New XB6)


I ran these specific tests to the 2 most popular servers for my favorite game that I play, the first being California and the second being I assume Dallas, Texas.


I would really appreciate any help guys, even the smallest suggestion I am willing to try. My entertainment primarily uses the internet and it's my main source of stress relief that I absolutely need to cope with working in the service industry.