Best 3rd Party Router for Wifi

Discussion created by dereksc on Dec 13, 2018
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I have a Hitron-2250, and recently had to move modem to main floor of two story house without the option of leaving on second floor anymore.


This created an major issue of wifi on TV's (2nd floor) buffering to much to watch, and wifi slow if not completely dropping out on devices.  (2 Lan connections work awesome)


As i have to leave the modem where it is i need a solution and good wifi on top floor with no interruptions. As for troubleshooting, i have had multiple calls with support, and followed instructions for resetting ect. Still with same issue.


I need a long term solution and maybe a 3rd party wifi router is the answer,  Can i have some options of whats good and easy to use/setup. Im not as worried about price (within reason) as long as i can get good signal throughout house. if problem consists i may have to switch carriers but i do not want to go through that hassle at all.


Thanks in advance for the support